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Temperature Control solutions

Aggreko has the world's largest fleet of rental chillers, cooling towers, heaters, dehumidifiers, air conditioning and industrial air controllers, supported by over 6000 employees in 31 countries from 165 service centers. Our fleet ranges from small portable units for use indoors to large cooling towers, which provide amazing cooling capacity.

Customers use our equipment for immediate increase in production capacity and storage or to meet seasonal and exceptional demands.

Climatização e Resfriamento

The industries that often use Aggreko solutions for HVAC and cooling process include:

  • Factories and Food & Beverage Industries
  • Maritime Transportation and Shipbuilding
  • Utilities
  • Events, Entertainment and Movies
  • Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Exploration and Mining
  • Government Services, Disaster Recovery and Service Sectors
  • Construction
  • Telecommunications

Aggreko's technical specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure excellent service of technical assistance and performance monitoring.

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