Aggreko Provides Power for Gas Exploration in Maranhao, Brazil

Power for Gas Exploration in Maranhao

4 July 2012: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Aggreko, the world leader in temporary power and temperature control services, is working with Duro Felguera, a specialist geological exploration group from Spain dedicated to develop and execute projects for a number of industrial sectors, including oil and gas. Aggreko is to provide power for the Spanish group’s research work for natural gas fields in Santo Antonio dos Lopes,  in the state of Maranhao, Brazil. Aggreko was chosen due to the company's reputation as a provider of reliable power in remote locations.

Duro Felguera was commissioned to explore areas of Santo Antonio dos Lopes where grid power was not available.  As the search for natural gas requires the use of heavy machinery with large motors that require reliable power, Aggreko was asked to provide 12 generators of various sizes (between 125 kVA and 500 kVA), capable of producing 3.1 MW of power.  The research programme, which is still in progress, has been able to run smoothly with Aggreko’s temporary power support.

Daniel Gonzales, director of Duro Felguera Brazil, said: "Temporary power was essential to guarantee the research programme could commence, as the energy demands for the job are significant. Aggreko's expertise in the development of solutions in the oil and gas sector was a crucial reason for choosing them.”

"Aggreko has unrivalled experience in supplying power to large companies on the oil and gas sector, with projects in remote locations," said Diogenes Paoli Neto, Managing Director,  Aggreko South America. “Our people are well aware of the potential complexities they may encounter in areas that are lacking of basic infrastructure, but that is the beauty of what we offer.  Our solutions allow customers to develop their business in areas that were previously unreachable and unmanageable."

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